Built upon the foundational belief that all people deserve representation under the law, the Dopkin Law Firm provides business and tax law services to entrepreneurs and businesses. Our goal is to avoid and prevent issues that will distract entrepreneurs’ efforts and resources away from efficiently and effectively operating their enterprises.

Because we view our client relationships as partnerships, we enjoy the business evolution process alongside our clients and help them effectuate these business processes by providing appropriate corporate structure. We hold high the belief that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of repair and, in doing so, we proactively work with our clients to sidestep potential business threats and obstacles by introducing valuable business planning tools.


Our experience allows us to promptly evaluate clients’ business issues and provide a fair, honest and reasonable approach to help obtain optimal results. As a business law firm, we help our clients identify, prevent and solve business and legal problems, while forging lifelong relationships with them. Allow us to help if you are grappling with business, legal or tax-related issues that distract you from achieving your business goals.

Tax Planning

We advise business and consumer clients in Greater Philadelphia and South Jersey. For many clients, our ability to integrate business tax planning with a family estate plan or other financial objectives represents a significant benefit.

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Tax Controversy

When our clients are involved in a dispute with a tax authority, they need a seasoned attorney to protect their interests. The consequences of such a dispute can be serious, including fines, penalties or even criminal charges. 

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State and Local Tax Services

The Dopkin Law Firm provides many state and local tax services to our clients. These include nexus studies, voluntary disclosure, tax rulings, use tax audits, tax reduction studies, and more.

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At the Dopkin Law Firm, we help businesses make the most of their opportunities for profit and growth while managing risk and minimizing exposure to liability. We find that the most effective way to achieve this objective is to develop and strengthen ongoing relationships with business clients over time. 

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Estate Services

Dopkin Law Firm serves a wide range of needs for individuals, families and business owners interested in preparing or revising an estate plan. We also advise executors and personal representatives in Pennsylvania or New Jersey probate proceedings. For more information about the scope of our estate planning and probate practice, contact us in Cherry Hill.

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