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To learn how your business and your family can benefit from sophisticated and practical tax advice, contact the Dopkin Law Firm. We advise business and consumer clients in Greater Philadelphia and South Jersey. For many clients, our ability to integrate business tax planning with a family estate plan or other financial objectives represents a significant benefit.


Matt Dopkin, who worked as a CPA for 20 years before beginning his career as a lawyer, is especially knowledgeable about state and local taxation in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Mr. Dopkin helps closely held businesses, families and individuals incorporate sound tax planning principles into broader business management, asset protection or estate planning strategies.


Tax Planning for Businesses and Business Owners

Tax planning may not be the most exciting part of starting a new business, but down the road when the planning provides cash savings, the payoff can be very rewarding. It is not uncommon for starry-eyed entrepreneurs and budding business people to overlook the fact that tax returns must be filed even if they have not yet generated any revenue or even started operating. There are federal, state and local registrations, and various tax elections that have a significant impact on future tax bills. Tax planning opportunities are lost when the tax year ends.

We help businesses understand how taxes affect the profitability of every investment, distribution and expense. We also help business owners decide between taking advantage of an immediate tax benefit and allowing positive tax attributes to accumulate. In many cases, sound tax planning will be an essential feature of a business owner’s management succession plan, retirement plan or other exit strategy.

An important aspect of our business tax practice is our ability to advocate for businesses and their principals when deadlines are missed, taxes are unpaid or returns are audited. Our tax controversy practice allows clients to efficiently and effectively resolve disputes with the IRS, as well as the local governments of Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Philadelphia.

Comprehensive Tax Advice for Individuals and Families

We help individuals and families anticipate and manage the tax consequences of such events as the sale of vacation property, investment securities or other assets. We review a client’s tax profile after such major events as a divorce, an incapacitating illness or a death in the family. We also help clients manage future estate or inheritance tax liability through gift transfers, the use of trusts and other asset protection strategies.

To learn more about the tax planning practice at the Dopkin Law Firm, contact us at 215-519-4269, or via email.